Some of the most important influences on me and my career have been teachers and lecturers. I appreciate how vital it is to engage and enthuse students and show them the opportunities available in geology, palaeontology and science in general.

Here are the courses I’ve been involved with (module codes are University of Leicester):

Teaching Fellow, University of Leicester (2017/2018)

GL1103 – Introduction to Palaeobiology

GL3111 – Diversity and Evolution of Vertebrates


Employed as Teaching Fellow for 2016/2017. Designed and gave lectures, practical sessions, coursework and examinations as well as all staff responsibilities during my employment.

Guest Lecturer, University of Leicester

GL2046 – Exceptional Preservation (2014, 2015) 2nd year module

Designed and gave lectures on the palaeoenvironment, biota and mode of preservation of the Carboniferous Mazon Creek Lagerstätte. Also designed and hosted practical sessions to showcase the basic concepts and importance of experimental design in taphonomy. 

Field Courses, University of Leicester

GL1106 – Introductory Field Course (Arran, Scotland) (2013, 2014) 1st year module

GL2017 – Geological Field Methods (Almería, Spain) (2013, 2014) 2nd year module

Demonstrator, University of Leicester

Won best demonstrator award 2017!

GL1103 – Palaeobiology and the Stratigraphic Record (2013, 2014) 1st year module

GL1104 – Natural Resources and the Environment (2013, 2014, 2015) 1st year module

GL1105 – Geological Maps and Structures (2013, 2014, 2015) 1st year module

GL2005 – Sedimentology: Processes and Environments (2013, 2014, 2015) 2nd year module

GL2019 – Interpreting Geological Maps (2013, 2014, 2015) 2nd year module

GL2038 – Major Events in the History of Life (2014, 2015) 2nd year module

GL2046 – Exceptional Preservation (2014, 2015) 2nd year module