Public Events

I love getting out of the university environment and meeting people. Talking about science is always a good hook and I’ve organised/been part of some really cool events other the last few years. Here are some examples.


Member of UoL  ‘Palaeo Diets – How do we know what extinct animals ate?’ team in both 2016 and 2017. In 2017 took part in the soapbox science event.

soapbox science
Soapbox Science at the Scarborough Fossil Festival (2017). 


Rotten fish and fossils: resolving the riddle of our earliest vertebrate ancestors’, representing the University of Leicester at the Natural History Museums Universities Week, 2014 and local events.

Sarah Gabbott and myself at the NHM Universities Week holding examples of rotting lampreys.


Prehistoric colours in fossil insects and feathers’, representing the University of Bristol at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

Watch the set up video here (second on left).

Myself, Caitlin Colleary, Maria McNamara, Stuart Kearns, Claire Morley and Michael Benton at the Royal Socitey  Summer Science Exhibition evening event.