Public speaking and invited talks

I  really enjoy public speaking, and have been invited to give public talks at numerous events and universities around the world.

My talks are generally about the science of how animals become fossils, but I also give talks on how to become a palaeontologist as well!

If you would like me to talk at an event please e-mail via the contacts page.


Public speaking is the best part of my job. I was invited to talk at the Lapworth Museum where I talked about my bad life choices that led to me doing experiments with rotting octopuses to understand how they become fossils. (Lapworth lectures, Lapworth Museum, University of Birmingham, 2019)


One highlight of my career was being invited to the Burpee Museum, Illinois in 2017 to talk about my research at their annual Fossil Festival. (Burpee Museum, Rockford, Illinois, PaleoFest, 2017)