Invited Lectures

I  really enjoy public speaking, and have given public talks at numerous events. Here are a selection of invitational talks I have given. If you would like me to talk at an event please e-mail via the contacts page.


“Rotting fish, worms and cephalopods: designing experiments to understand fossilisation (or the terrible life choices of a palaeontologist). Lapworth lectures, Lapworth Museum, University of Birmingham (2018)

“Seeing Into the Carboniferous: How the Tully Monster Saw Illinois 300 Million Years Ago.” Burpee Museum, Rockford, Illinois, PaleoFest, (2017)


“Rotting Livers, Guts and Gills: terrible life choices of a Palaeontologist” , The History Society, Leicester (2016)

Giving a lecture on cephalopod anatomy and decay

PubHD #10, Leicester,  An introducing to taphonomy in a pub audience (2015).