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A review of fossil Coleoid cephalopods

Fossil focus: Coleoid cephalopods – the squid, cuttlefish and octopus  (2018) Palaeo Online

A review of the current understanding of the fossil record and evolution of my favorite animal group: the cephalopods

Solving the Tullimonstrum mystery

The Beauty of the Beast (2016) Laboratory News:

The enigmatic Tully Monster has become something of a palaeontological icon, yet there is much to learn about this mysterious beast. Here, Thomas Clements takes us along for the ride as he and Professor Sarah Gabbott begin to understand where the Tullimonstrum fits on the tree of life. 

EGU2016 report for the PalAss

The report was published in Issue 93 of the Palaeontology Newsletter.